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Is death the last sleep? No--it is the last and final awakening.Sir Walter Scott

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Lapup and passed away on June 11, 2017. You will live forever in our memories and hearts. Innocent

Lapup is a happy-go-lucky short fur yellow dog. He has a red collar when he is a young pup. We used to call him "Collar Puppy", and that transformed to a shorter name as 'Collar Pup" , then again shorten as "La Pup". My mom calls him "Cola Pup". He has funny ears - one standing and one flipping. 

Lapup is not our dog but he likes to come into our house. He is good at climbing. He likes to climb in and out through our house gate, and then he will again climb in and out to our neighbour's house. He usually will stop by to drink water, and then pay us a visit. He will get very close to you with that tongue-out funny face to give signal "pat me pat me!". He loves patting so much, and he will roll on the ground to let you play with him and pat his tummy. He just loves it! 

Lapup is a big eater. He never worries about food in his life. My neighbour feeds him with a lot of food. He likes to give us big smiles with his mouth open when he sees us, and that gives us his bad breath.  Wooppss...

Lapup is a very friendly dog. I seldom see he gets grumpy, sad or moody. Whatever happens, he always shows his friendly smiling face to everyone. He is a nice buddy to every other dog too and does not fight.
Lapup likes a female dog very much - Meinugou, which makes him very eager and excited whenever she walks by. He will rush out, run to her and then walk slowly together romantically. But sometimes Mng will just ignore him or walk away with other dogs, leaving alone the poor Lapup, standing there idly looking at Mng disappointedly.

Lapup's best friend is our dog Fei Dut Pup. They run, chase, play, bite together all the times. They are now together at the Rainbow Bridge. Best friends forever! 

Lapup, your smiling happy face will be in our hearts and be remembered forever. Although you are silly lookingTongue Out, but you are a lovely cute pup which makes us laugh all the times (esp your ears and your silly smile). 

Lapup, we will miss you. Go and live happily with Fei Dut Pup! Miss you both! 

Lapup, Feidutpup is here. Go find him ok! ->

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